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We are property consultants with expertise in Apartments for rent, flats for rent, house for rent in Hai Phong City. Our Mission is to supply professional and sustainable services to the community, bringing together Vietnamese intellect, trust and inspiration.


Apartment for rent in Hai Phong

Price: between 7 million to 22 million VND/month. 
Vincom is one of the leading projects in Haiphong offering: cinema, Western restaurants, BBQ, shopping mall. Theairy and comfortable spaces help Vincom to become an ideal area for foreigners coming to Haiphong for work. 
Serviced apartment: with full furniture, 1-2 bedrooms, cleaning and laundry services, security area 24/7, next to shopping mall, cinema, restaurants...
 + 1 bedroom: 7-10 million VND
 + 2 bedrooms 1000-1200 USD/month. 
Van Cao Street is a place attracting the most foreigners coming to Haiphong, especially Korean, Japanese and American…With convenient traffic, many restaurants, foot massage or other services, Van Cao becomes a most desriable place in Haiphong with a wide range of options for the customer.
Modern design, full furniture with daily service, they are ideal for busy professionals.  1 bedroom with price: 400-600 USD/month (40m2).  2 bedrooms with price: 850-1400 USD/month (60-80m2)
House over 4-5 floors and designs with 3 to 5 bedrooms and toilets (from 90m2 to 110m2), living room, kitchen, full furniture, car  park in house. Safe area, densely populated, near Korean, Japanese restaurants.
The price is about 18 million VND/ month
Located on Lach Tray Street, a central street of Hai Phong, SHP Plaza is a gathering place of international fashion brands, cuisine areas, gyms, conference rooms, offices for rent, luxury apartments and hotels. The architecture of SHP Plaza ensures the harmony between building design and general planning, suitable for the northern climate. The space inside the building is luxurious, flexible and convenient. SHP Plaza is a highlight of the city center.
2 bedrooms 70m2 with modern furnitures, security area with many utilities on 20th floors like: sky bar, pool, lounge...
Shopping mall on the 1st floor, security 24/7, beautiful views, near city center, convenient traffic. Price from 12-18 million VND/month
Apartment:  from 5 million VND to 30 million VND (1,2,3 bedrooms) House: from 12 to 22 million VND/month (3 to 5 bedrooms)(Villa with 4-5 bedrooms)
Le Hong Phong street is one of the most attractive areas in Haiphong, being close to the BigC super market, Parkson commercial center, cinema…Le Hong Phong is suitable for customers who are interested in bustling city life.
There are two types of apartment at Le Hong Phong: +service apartment: 1 bedroom with full furniture, cleaning and laundry service, parking area, next to restaurants, karaoke, café… priced from 9 million VND to 15 million VND.  Regular apartment: 60m2, full furniture, parking area, 2 bedrooms, security 24/7, full water and electricity, quiet area, price 8-12 million VND. 
Houses built over 4-5 floors with 3, 4, 5 bedrooms and toilets, car can park in house, densely populated ,near supermarket, shopping mall, cinema, security area, price from 10 to 25 million VND (40-60m2). 
Priced from 6 million to 8 million VND/month
It is one of new projects in Haiphong, with investment from Singapore, Waterfront city is strongly attracting foreigners especially Japanese.  Built according to the Singaporean architectural plan, focusing on green space and being environmentally friendly, Waterfront City is expected to create a new lifestyle for Hai Phong.
Serviced apartment: 1 bedroom 40m2 with full furniture, full kitchen, water, electricity, security area,...
Price from 6-8 million VND/month.  1 bedroom 60m2 with modern furniture: 600-800 USD
Being the No.1 urban area in Haiphong, Vinhomes Imperia offers customers a wide selection of choice.  The project consists of single, double, adjacent villas and boutique houses.  In particular, Vinhomes Imperia has a 45 floor- hotel, the tallest building on the North Coast. All of the products are designed in imperial style and are divided into four precincts: Manhattan, Paris, Venice, Monaco. There are a variety of utilities such as: Vinmec hospital, restaurants, square, shopping mall, cinema, school, resort…Vinhome Imperia will become an ideal area for customers in the future. 
Vinhomes Imperia Villa is one of the most impressive products of the project, the villas have river and lake views, close to the river with a spacious garden, family pool overlooks river, bring a resort lifestyle.
Inspired from the timber which is a key material, providing neo-classical and  beauty to each unit. The highlight of each house is the combination of harmonious dark colors and open and airy spaces.
Please contact us: 0973.246.448 - 0904.999.286

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